The Chesterfield Sofa is undoubtedly an emotive piece of furniture. When you have one, you soon start to appreciate that it’s one item that will stay with you wherever you happen to be and, the sofa’s versatility means it would likely fit in almost any home design you could have in mind. It is incredibly hardwearing and will serve a lifetime, that is certainly more than can be said for various other chairs available to buy.

However, it is not indestructible and if it’s not taken care of and cleaned regularly, its stylish, impressive appearance could start to dwindle. Our family have forever owned Chesterfield Sofas and they never fail to become the focal point in the room in which they reside. This is, of course because of their classy and stylish look, but also as a result of a quick and straight-forward cleaning routine that we all swear by.

Based on whether your Chestefield is leather or, in rarer cases velvet, there are two varying cleaning techniques to utilize. With little work, you can continue to be happy with this delightful couch for decades into the future.

Cleaning A Leather Sofa

To Be Carried Out Every Day: Keep a large container of distilled water in a suitable place and use the water to moisten a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Then, lightly wipe down the sofa using the cloth, removing the sut and hydrating the leather.

(Distilled water is used as the high chlorine content in the majority of tap water results in damage to the leather as time goes on.

To Be Carried Out Every Week: Making use of a soft brush fitting on your vacuum cleaner, hoover between cushions and anywhere else dust or dirt may collect. DO NOT vacuum without having a brush attachment as applying a normal nozzle to the leather can lead to black marks appearing.

To Be Carried Out Every Month: Use an approved leather cleaning and conditioning compound, sticking to the recommendations on the reverse. There are numerous products and solutions to select from but they all eradicate embedded dirt from the material and soften the leather, leaving it supple.

*Never choose wet wipes to wipe down leather surfaces – while it may very well give a good finish it will significantly deteriorate the health of the sofa.

Cleaning a Velvet Sofa

Velvet Chesterfields are different beasts, given that they attract much more dirt and hairs (especially when you have dogs, cats or hairy family members!). Velvets can be manufactured using different types of materials (silks, synthetics etc.) therefore do look at the manufacturer’s label for certain cleaning recommendations. However, these following techniques can easily be applied to all velvet sofas.

To Be Carried Out Every Week: Again, utilizing a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, run it against the nap of the velvet (lifted, fuzzy surface) removing any dirt from underneath. Employ precisely the same approach beneath the cushions.

To Be Carried Out Every Month or as Necessary: Using a water-free, dry cleaning fluid, spritz lightly upon any stained or dirty areas. Ensure that the material doesn’t end becoming overly damp. Apply a fresh towel to the area and lightly dab.

You should not scour while using the cloth because this may up in damage to the fabric.

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